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Welcome to the Party

You ever been to a party? Beer, dancing, music? Probably not. I got invited to parties about as often as Charlie Brown. If I got an invitation, it was a mistake.

Or did you want to venture off in a party of heroes? The fearless fighter with his plate armor and broadsword, The wily thief who spotted the trip wire that was about to drop the ceiling on your head. The crafty wizard who sensed the magical lich the moment you stepped into the ruin. The pious cleric, who's whispered hymn touch the very ear of the gods. Together, they defy dragons, stop wicked warlords, travel to distant planes far from the knowledge of men. Does that sound more like your type of party? Because I rarely had many of those either.

Or perhaps you put together a group of level 1 characters, put them into the tavern together for their first adventure. And before the GM can get the plot going he's already adjudicating a player versus player combat. Half the party is dead, and we're 15 minutes into the first session.

Yeah. That was more like the party I ended up in.

I've been into D&D since I was a kid. My first set was the red box with the giant red dragon and the long-haired fighter who was doing the splits. I played a lot in High School. Some in college. A lot in Grad school. Less during my professional life. Almost nothing after marriage and kids. Now my wife told me that "Hey, you're so busy working and being Dad that you need to go out and make some friends!"

So I'm running the first homebrew D&D game I've run in more than 20 years. That is -- not a module.

Not only am I older and wiser than I was as a teenager (remember, you gain points of intelligence and wisdom as you age, while losing strength, dexterity and constitution) I'm also a bit of a writer. I have a few fantasy novels under my belt, and I'll keep you all informed as they become available.

D&D has changed a lot. I'm of the impression that its hard to teach an old dog new tricks. So I'm running in 2nd edition. But I found out that not only has it gone up to 5th ed, but there's now youtube videos of games. Podcasts. Blogs.

I'm short on recording equipment right now. So I'm going to Blog. Listen to my stories. Listen to my ruminations. Because I'm going to be telling these stories, past and present.

If I can figure out how to make a blog work.

So with that, let's talk about the D&D Party.

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